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Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) in Milton Keynes & Surrounding Areas

1st Choice Gas Services Ltd, LPG Appliance Installation, Service & Repairs

1st Choice Gas Services Ltd is privately owned and run by Paul McNulty who has over 40 years experience. He initially trained with British gas for 9 years and then branched out on his own, offering his professional gas services to the domestic and commercial sectors, including commercial catering. Covering a wide area in and around Milton Keynes.This would include the whole of Buckinghamshire and most of Bedfordshire plus other locations surrounding these boundaries. Paul specialises in offering a bespoke customer service, with installation, servicing and repairs of LPG appliances. His extensive experience and accreditations in the industry allow him to provide a professional, safe and efficient service to domestic, commercial and catering business owners.

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LPG Advocates

I am highly skilled and work with the emphasis on safety when installing and maintaining LPG appliances. I can certificate commercial kitchens which need to be tested for air quality on an annual basis. A highly sensitive analyser is used to calculate the amount of carbon dioxide within the catering area when appliances are being operated to allow for safe working atmospheres for chefs and catering staff.

In addition I also offer my LPG services to homes, factories and rural premises who may be off the main grid and need to use LPG to heat their homes, work spaces or for any other needs. The use of LPG is encouraged as it is a lower-carbon alternative to oil, with approximately a 20% lower carbon intensity. LPG is also a cleaner burning fuel than oil, and cheaper to service and maintain. If you are thinking of changing from oil to LPG, 1st Choice Gas Services will be able to assist you and Paul will be more than happy to give help and advice.

I am happy to travel to locations that surround Milton Keynes so please do not hesitate to call 1st Choice Gas Services Ltd to ask Paul for help or advice.

LPG is also a remarkably clean gas solution for off-grid customers. It performs similarly to natural gas and can be piped from a central tank to lodges, caravans and any other ‘off-grid’ locations.

Why LPG?

LPG is an outstandingly versatile fuel with hundreds of uses and can be used practically anywhere. A vast array of commercial industries benefit from LPG from caravan parks to hospitality through to providing industrial heating.

Local Gas Services

1st Choice Gas Services is based in Milton Keynes, however my engineering skills installing, repairing and offering maintenance services to Liquid Petroleum Gas appliances, is also possible to the local surrounding areas. They will require the annual safety check of the kitchen appliances and safety controls but most importantly air quality, which is tested by a very sensitive analyser that checks for carbon dioxide levels within the kitchen.

The ability to use LPG gas can be substantially beneficial to you as an individual or your business. Many commercial kitchens feature LPG appliances that might need maintenance or repair, which is why my service is advantageous to restaurants, takeaways and many other businesses that use this specific gas. I hold the combined qualifications and engineering experience to confidently reassure you that I will provide safe and smooth installations and repairs of LPG appliances, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction.

If you’re looking to fix or service your LPG appliances, or if you are considering introducing Liquid Petroleum Gas appliances safely into your home, business or wherever you require within the Milton Keynes area and beyond, 1st Choice Gas is here to help, contact Paul McNulty today for a quote.

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Domestic, Commercial & Gas Catering Services